29 March 2011


I am really tired.

The events of the past few weeks have finally caught up with me. Finally being done with immigration, packing up every single thing we own into a 6 x 6 crate and shipping it to America, leaving parties, good bye visits across the UK, last trips to loads of cities, apply for new jobs in America, looking for houses in Arkansas, planning the trip and so on and so on. It has been a lot.

and now I am tired.

I can not put into words how ready I am to have my own place, my own space. But right now I just want a holiday! Although that would mean more packing and to be honest the thought of packing one more thing makes me want to cry. I want to close my eyes and magically wake up in a house completely furnished, without the hassle of actually buying and furnishing said house. No more packing. No more planning. I am so tired.

It is less than 3 weeks now until we move. I am grateful that it is close. Sad to be leaving, but overjoyed to be one step closer to our own space. Rhys asked me what I wanted more than anything in the world. I said that more than anything else, I wanted to be settled in our own house by Eleri's 2nd birthday. I have images of a fantastic back yard party for the little one. But even the thought of that makes me tired.

Eleri is napping and I should be applying for jobs, working on cover letters, returning emails, and looking for houses in Arkansas. I think I will take a nap instead. I am so tired. Tomorrow is a new day and I can be productive then. Right now- Sleep!

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sarah said...

i know. you're in my thoughts and prayers a lot these days. i hope you enjoy your last few weeks!