2 March 2011

I love getting post!

Today I received this through the post

Ah, my passport. Not only does this mean that Rhys and I are officially, documents in hand, 100% free from immigration control for the rest of our lives, but it also means that I have TWO passports. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that makes me pretty awesome. At least I feel pretty awesome.

As mentioned before, I have always wanted to have another passport. At one point in my life, I figured out how I could get 4 different passports. It's a completely legit plan folks, if only Rhys would go along with it I would be set! But having a British passport is incredibly freeing.

We have spent several months out of every year since we got engaged worrying about immigration. We have spent countless hours filling in paperwork, sitting in government offices, going from one embassy to a consulate, back to an embassy. By the time you add up travel costs to embassy/consulate, paperwork fees, administration fees, passport fees, and general documentation costs we have spent nearly £20,000. (thats nearly $40,000) Just think, for that we could have paid off a good chunk of a mortgage or gone on some pretty rad holidays.

so that passport means a lot to me. Aside from the fact that we will be savings tens of thousands of dollars, it opens up the option for our family to live and work pretty much anywhere in the world. There are lots of places that Americans are not welcome. Granted most of those places I would not really want to visit anyway, but now I can travel to and from Cuba. I have been wanting to go on holiday there for a while and now I can! Plus we can work in any European country(EU country, I should say), Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, some Pacific islands and of course, the good ole' UK/US. having these two passports opens up quite a few doors.

so yeah, it was pretty awesome to fulfil my life long dream of duel citizenship. But even more awesome to think of the adventures that now await my family and I. Today is a good day for Team Williams.


Stefanie said...

Congrats! That's awesome! Now come to America.

Anonymous said...

Moderately jealous about this dual passport bit ... but super happy for YOU!!

kaw said...