12 March 2011


so i was trying to change my blog design to a really cool, new thing. and instead it came out looking like this. and it wont let me change it! any ideas? i am not good with technology, so if any of you know what i need to do, let me know!!! thanks!!

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allison said...

Not the best at this but will try to help.
Go to your dashboard for this blog and you should see tabs across the top of the page. Go to the design tab. It will probably take you to page elements, if not it is a sub tab you can click on. There should be a few boxes in a column with one saying 'add a gadget'. Look and see if one of the boxes says html/java script. This is the box that gives your blog the design. You can find another design you like better and put the code in this box.
Hope moving day went well.