27 March 2011

Spring Love

I love spring. I love the warmth, the sun, the bright colours that for some reason only seem to be appropriate to wear in the summer. If I had my way, it would be spring/summer weather and fashion year around. And if I really did have my way, I would buy an entire new wardrobe. As that won't be happening any time soon, here are a few of my favourites from the latest spring styles.

The bright jeans are great. My current favourite colour is similar to the pink ones pictured- perhaps a bit more coral. Love them! They are some of my favourite jeans to wear because they look great with anything. You don't have to buy designer either. J.Crew, H&M and Primark all have great, bright jeans.

I am also a fan of the yellow jacket. I went for the cardigan instead, but ah, its like wearing the sun. Again, you dont have to go designer. I did fall in love with Dsquared colour, but some other good options are (again) J.Crew, H&M, Primark or Gap.

Another great spring trend I am a big fan of is the high waisted skirt with a blazer. I have tried to capture said outfit below, but it's not the most brilliant image. (ignore the toys in the background) It is an easy outfit to wear; meaning it can look smart or casual. Pair with a bright coloured skinny belt and it makes a great outfit. Which brings me to the next thing- skinny belts. They are cheap, versatile and frankly they make me happy. I think they might be my favourite spring accessory. Well that and jewelry. Because what is not to love about bright, chunky necklaces and big rings. The flower as an accessory is another wonderful addition to my wardrobe. I had some darker coloured flowers for the winter, but the white, bright colours are great for the warmer weather. (see above picture) I have decided to get little ele in on the trend and she is really excited. Ok, she probably doesn't care one bit, but since I buy her clothes she is jumping on board. And this is my new favourite top of little e. How awesome is that?! Next on the list is rolled skinny jeans with a blazer. In case you hadn't guessed by now, I am a big fan of the blazer. I am just wearing a plan t-shirt underneath, but when coupled with a blazer it makes for a nice outfit. Easy when I don't want to put effort in to what I am wearing- put on whatever you want underneath and throw a blazer on top. Done. Favourite scent for the spring? Miss Dior Cherie. To quote their website "a chypre accord which is enlivened with a springtime spirit" A fancy way of saying the orange, neroli and patchouli make it smell like little drops of a tropical island for your skin. I love it. Another of my spring favourites is the Burberry trench coat. It is perfect for British spring- a light jacket when it seems warm, but is actually quite chilly. It is soft, smooth and an amazing little bit of luxury for your top half. By the time we land in America I assume it will be too warm for a jacket, even a light weight one. So I guess this will have to become a fall fashion favourite as well. But the best of all? Ballet flats. I just can't get enough of these. They are the perfect shoe for British spring and summer time. I am assuming that come July in Arkansas I wont want to be wearing closed toe shoes....but for the meantime, I love them! There you have it, Kristina's favourites for spring time. I know I am not the most fashionable person in the world, especially when people like Michelle read this (who is one of the most fashionable people I know) but I like what I like. What are your spring time favourites?

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Katie said...

Ooo, what a fun post! I love those bright colors and skinny belts--plus, E's little shirt is adorable!

I definitely love cuffing my skinny jeans. I'm not sure why I like it, but it just feels cute. Can something feel cute?? Anyway. I like everything you posted here, and I just might need to steal those green ballet flats. Adorable.