7 March 2011

to do list

-Finish collecting 'British' food etc... to ship back to America. (custard creams, wine gums, squash(juice), digestive biscuits etc....)

-Fill in US Customs declarations and tax forms. in triplicate. awesome.

-Organise hire van for Friday morning to drive boxes to London

-Correctly label and allocate all 37 boxes, 3 backpacks, 4 suitcases, 2 strollers, 1 car seat, a play kitchen and 1 drawing board. yeah, somehow we ended up with lots of stuff to ship. and customs demands precision packing!

-clean out bedrooms for a final check

-E's doctor appointment.

-Order in new contacts. (i'm out. great timing)

-Finish packing up eleri's toys. How do you pack up toys when you still have 5 weeks left? that's a tough one!

-Last ladies dinner at church on Thursday, organise menu.

-Finish plans for 'leaving do' for 19 March.

-Make pancakes for Pancake Day on Tuesday. (it's what the Brits call Fat Tuesday)

-Get hair cut (my fringe is crazy long)

-and the most important thing on the list: play with eleri and hang out with Rhys.

Lots to do this week. Unfortunately, quite a bit is boring paperwork but hey ho- its got to get done at some point. Joys of moving a family across an ocean.

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Denise said...

FYI, we have a fairly nice store in Broken Arrow run by British folk that is called Things UK. We have requested favorites and they get them for us. Tuck that into your 'emergency' resources list when you live in the U.S. if you live anywhere remotely near us. If you end up in Dallas, they have a nice UK store as well as Houston has a marvelous one in Rice Village. (it is sad I know this, no?)