16 March 2011

something new: february

Keeping in line with my new years resolution to do something new everyday, here is my list of all things 'new' for February. Granted I am a bit late in posting the list being that it is half way through March but....

As with January, some of the new things were great. and some were pretty stupid. Dancing on the streets of Rome with Rhys? Awesome. Accidentally pressing 'buy' and purchasing £300 worth of clothes from Zara. Not awesome. (and they were all returned as soon as they arrived) Good and bad, here is my list from February

-New Tradition: fulfilling another new years resolution of creating a new tradition every month, February's is Fiesta Friday! the last Friday in February is now Team Williams Fiesta Friday. Which means that we will cook up copious amounts of Spanish/Mexican food and invite loads of people over to fiesta with us. This year we had James and Hannah come down to Wales. Next year? I am thinking house party in Arkansas....
-British driving lesson
-Went to Rome with Rhys
-danced on the streets of Rome, at night, on a dimly lite bridge...ah romance
-cleaned out the game room of our old crap
-sold lots of baby clothes on ebay. (i love ebay!)
-ate a bowl of gnocchi as a 'starter' and then had a bowl full of spaghetti as a main. whoa that was lots of food.
-New words for ele: Spoon, draw, ta, door, cup, walk
-e ate a pastie for the first time.
-I painted my nails blue (another new years resolution fulfilled)
-British driving test in Brecon
-Passed said test and received my British Drivers License.
-bought e a special 'book' that she can draw and put stickers in. she loves it and carries it with her everywhere.
-girls night in watford- Indian in Kings Langley
-First spring visit to the duck pond
-Shopping in Swansea with Han
-James and Hannah down for the first time from London
-saw a lamb being born (not a pretty sight, at all)
-swimming at the brecon leisure centre- on the big kids water slide!
-e stopped eat fruit. which was not a good first
-but she started eating veggies. which is a good first!
-I officially became British as I received my passport in the post!

There you have it, all the new things done in February.

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