17 December 2010

5 minutes

5 Minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

eleris first birthday party in london. the pinata. the rugby going away party. beer pong. eleri's first birthday in wales. her face when she saw the candles. the first time she said mommy. the first time she learned how to kiss and the fact that she loves to do it all the time. her first word (dog) well, all her words really. her giggle at everything. the first time i saw her run around in circles. and the way she fell over laughing because it was so much fun. the trip to pairs with just me and rhys. our night at hard rock....again. the Eiffel tower all lit up. our 3 year anniversary. my going away party with the baby mamas. the look on eleri's face when she took her first steps. the look on rhys' face when he saw her take those steps. the countless coffees at john lewis. gosh i loved those times. (thanks girls) get togethers at our house. the Harlequin walks with my little one. eleri taking her first steps. the revolving dance floor. balloons tied to my shirt, and then my drink. my favourite chip shop. pub lunches with my parents and little e (wait is that from 2009?) seeing e's face whenever peppa pig comes on. watching her learn her colours and numbers. reading books with e as she snuggles in my lap. christmas decorations with e. seeing santa with e. laughing with rhys. the nights we played scrabble...and connect 4. the skype chats with devi. the visit from devi. moving day. denmark with han and the girls. possibly the best weekend trip ever. louise and her family in copenhagen. think before you speak. stay calm, process the situation, then react. the fun nights dancing away at reflex. my baby and her smile when she does something new. they way e laughs when she gets tickled. or when she tries to tickle us. the way rhys tried to cheer me up that one night just making faces. becoming a british citizen.

i set the timer and this is what came out. no editing. just this massive paragraph of memories. reading it through, it does nicely sum up most of the great memories of my year.

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