22 December 2010

future kristina

Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?

dear future kristina,

you are awesome. ok, ok seriously as you look towards 2011, here are some things you should embrace and implement from 2010. BE FLEXIBLE. yes, it was worthy of all capital letters because future kristina, you forgot how to be flexible in 2010. there is a time for routine and a time for order/organization. but there is also a time for spontaneity. things do not, and can not, always go to plan. when you allow for no flexibility in your life the result is a frustrated, annoyed, flustered and self righteous kristina. this is something that needs to be addressed now. if you do not, i hate to imagine how immobile you will be in 5 years.

focus on the positive. it is the people, not the things that matter most. invest in those people- make the effort even if it means 'things' are left undone (i.e. washing up, laundry, elaborate meals etc...) invest in hearts, pour into lives. and the lives that require the most attention are rhys and eleri (and whatever other little ones you have in 5 years) keep your family a priority. it is easy to get distracted and say 'tomorrow i will do that. tomorrow there will be time' but make the time today. one of the biggest lessons learned from 2010 was that it is not the to do list that matters, but the small moments in between. cherish those moments future kristina for they are fleeting.

most importantly future kristina keep focusing on Jesus. the ups and downs of life make more sense when He is by your side. every good and perfect gift comes from Him, but it is within His power to take away as well. remember just how blessed you are, and dont question when things get difficult. remember 2010. remember the hardship and frustration. and remember how faithful God was to pull you through. to provide you with the desires of your heart even in the midst of extreme burden. "in everything you do, put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success." (prov 3:6) make Him the center of your life Kristina. He is the focal point, dont lose that. spend time as an individual and as a couple grounding yourself in the word. with jesus as the foundation, you and rhys can make an amazing marriage and home.

you had big dreams for the future. i am not sure what will have come to fruition in 5 years time, but regardless keep dreaming big. some dreams stay as just that- dreams. and some become a reality. but as long as you have the spirit to keep imagining what could be, your future will be vibrant, alive and full. you have a great life future kristina. i am sure of it.

2010 kristina

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