15 December 2010

my whole world

Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

my daughter did not want to sleep last night. at all. we put her to bed at the usual time of 7.30 and by 8.45 she was still wide awake, talking to herself. eventually she started to quiet down and by about 9.15 there was no noise coming from the monitor. i went into the check on her and had to bite my cheek to not burst out laughing. her blankets, dummy and bunny stuffed animal had been thrown out of the crib and were strewn across the floor. my little one was standing up in the corner of the crib, one arm hanging over each side and her head resting on the post in the middle. and she was asleep. little e fell asleep standing up last night. it was hilarious. i laid her down and covered her back up, but i wish that i had gone to get my camera instead. a moment worthy of capture. little e is crazy. and the most amazingly wonderful little person i could have ever dreamed of.

when rhys came home from work yesterday i sat back and watched him and the little one run around in circles, chasing each other. when that got old, they both laid on their backs, feet in the air and played dead beetle, making noises and giggling away. it went from that to blowing raspberries on each others stomachs, to playing 'toss' with the ball, to a very tender moment of little e in rhys' lap as her read her stories. watching them interact is one of the greatest joys of my life. they are so sweet together. they have a very special bond.

that is what i appreciated the most of 2010. my little family. i love spending every day with little e and rhys. my life would be incomplete without them.

unfortunately i do not express enough gratitude to rhys for just how amazing he is. i am not sure if i could actually let him know how much he means to me. but i should try a lot harder than i do. he is kind, caring, strong, godly, brave, encouraging, sensitive, brilliant, hilarious and pretty much all around perfect. i could not have asked for a better husband or father. he definitely deserves more recognition than he gets. he truly is amazing in every way.

even an amazing dj. (i love this picture!)

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