27 December 2010

different parts of me.

Photo – a present to yourself. Sift through all the photos of you from the past year. Choose one that best captures you; either who you are, or who you strive to be. Find the shot of you that is worth a thousand words. Share the image, who shot it, where, and what it best reveals about you

i have spent quite a while looking through my pictures. i am not sure that i can pick just one. thinking about it, there have been quite a few posts where i have listed several things when the prompt specifically asked for one. perhaps that shows that i like options. or maybe it just shows that i am 'wordy'. my thesis advisor in graduate school always told me to be "weary of superfluous words in any text, especially one of an academic nature" granted my blog would not fall into the realm of academia, but i suppose i should take note of the principle. dont overdo it.

alas, i think i must overdo it and include a few pictures instead of just one.

there is the above picture which shows a very large part of who i am and who i hope to continue to be. i love to run. i love athletics. i love to challenge myself in all areas, especially sports. heck i even tried rugby but that was definitely not for me! this is a picture of rhys and i on the first leg of the 3 in 3 days. we were soaking wet and in mud up to our ankles. this particular shot finds us 15 miles in. i have a giant rats nest in my hair which took about 3 hours to get out. and some nice mascara smudges. but this picture also shows, albeit not to the naked eye, a sense of determination, empowerment and even security. rhys and i were together. doing some we love as individuals and as a couple. more over, i discovered a new love. ultra distance running. it is something i am wholeheartedly embracing for my future. an incredible new part of me.

or there is this picture. the two most important people in my life. i am what i am because of them. i cant imagine my life without rhys by my side. everything about him. his sense of humor, his playfulness, his compassion, his energy. he is incredible. and he is an incredible father. even more, i cant imagine one day without eleri. she fills my heart with so much joy. i love the two of them together. and seeing them together really completes me.

this picture is also an option. it is me in paris. i remember exactly what i was thinking in this picture. we had just arrived in paris for our anniversary trip. rhys had gone off to reception for something and i sat down by the window. i was so pleased to be away with just rhys. but my heart was truly at peace for first time in a while. i remember being overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity i had to live in europe. to travel to freely. to explore, to discover, to adventure. those are such big parts of who i am. i hate staying still, in one place, for too long. the proximity of european countries enables me the freedom to travel about at the drop of a hat. love it. plus the culture, the lifestyle. the decoration, the style. i remember thinking, "i will never be the same again- awesome."

but this picture encapsulates them all. rhys, eleri and me. in cyprus. travelling as a family to interesting and exotic places. walking in the same places as biblical hero's. learning about jesus, discovering deeper and fuller aspects of the christian life. rhys in a VERY british sleeveless shirt (vest top as they are called) and a baseball hat demonstrates that i have an obviously british husband who likes his american flare. and i love that about my husband. we are all 'sun-kissed' which is something i would like to be year around (although probably not ever a possibility)and we are having quality family time. include the ultra marathon running, and this is who i want to be, what i want to do. grow and adventure with my family.

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