13 December 2010


i know! two posts in one day!

Reverb '10. December 11: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

  1. selfishness- this is probably the single most revolting issue in my life. i am so selfish sometimes that i surprise even myself. having a little person completely dependent upon me highlights every area in my life where i am selfish and where i should be selfless. being human this is a character trait that i will never eleminate 100%, but my goal is to really address this issue in my heart and mind in 2011, doing my best to eradicate as much as i can. my hope is to not only become a better mother, but wife, friend, daughter and sister as well.

  2. excess/clutter- this has been a big issue for me my whole life. i like stuff. over the past few years i have seen the damaging effects such a lifestyle can have. i have a lot. i dont need as much as i have. aquring as much as i do can be hurtful to both people and the environment. there are elements about my lifestyle that are wasteful and those are the areas i would like to eliminate. not buying as much, reusing, recycling, giving/sharing, and being tidy are all ways i can help to eliminate the clutter and excess from my life. it is actually something i have become quite passionate about this past year. a topic that deserves a full post. (i have actually been working on one.) it will come soon enough. but let me leave you with these two books. Planetwise by Dave Bookless and Green Parenting by Lynoa Cattanach, et. al. whilst i do not agree/support everything advoacted in the books, the majority of what is written is thought provoking and inspiring; a good approach to lifestyle, parenting and everyday living.

  3. the british driving test- the necessity of a british drivers license at this stage of my life can not be expressed enough. since the 28th of october it has not been legal to drive on my american licesne. not being able to drive means i have lost the freedom to leave the house on my terms. i cant grocery shop or go to welsh school. no playgroups for e and no more lunches with daddy. there is no public transport as we are literally in the middle of no where. it is actually an easy problem to fix. i need to book the theroy and practical test, take them, pass and then.....freedom! the test in the UK is quite difficult and i have picked up many bad habits over the 12 years i have been driving, so it prove prove more difficult that i am thinking. but scheduling the test is a good first step. i crave the mobility it will offer.
  4. bitterness- the bittnerness i am referring to is related to one specific person/situation. the situation is not ideal and the person is not right in their actions, but that in no way justifies my bitterness (even though i have been telling myself it does) not only is bitterness unbiblical, but it is very damaging to me and my spirit. it is completely unnecessary and it is time to let it go.

  5. discontentment- in 2011 I strive for a peaceful heart. seeking the truth in every situation and trusting in that is a way that i have found to regain contentment. comparisson, frustration, longing for the next thing, impatience, and believing things that are different from the Truth are all ways i have let myself be robbed of contentment. similar to living selfishly, living in a constant state of contentment is something that i will probably never achieve. all the same, it is a goal to work towards. always seeking the Lord and trusting in the promises He gives will provide my heart with a sense of peace.
  6. selfishness- it is something i want to eliminate as much as possible that it deserved a mention. especially in terms of parenting. i have been reading Dont Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman. the princples of biblical parenting that are presented require effort, selfless effort. It is not always about me. Raising a little one for Christ is an everyday thing. something that doesnt get accomplised when i become selfish and lazy.

  7. shared space- this 'thing' will be eliminated by moving to america. gratned we will be with my parents for a bit until we can find a place, but the goal is a home where only rhys, eleri and i live. i can not wait. not sharing space with 7 other people will be wonderful for my marriage, it will be wonderful for me as a person and it will be amazing for our family. i can not fully explain the impact of not sharing space without going into too much personal detail for the blog, but believe me when i say it could quite possibly be the best thing we could eliminate in 2011.

  8. poor time management- i hope that i can actually make big strides in gaining good time management skills in 2011. it is a fairly achievable goal as it takes organization and discipline, things i am fully capable of. i need to be motivated to actually make wise decisions with my time, both with eleri and with rhys. benefits are countless. i can already invision a smoother parenting, smoother marriage and a smoother household.

  9. laziness- this quality ties into selfishness and time management. my own desire to not be productive is something that i fight against often. again, not something that will ever be completely eradicated from my life, but something that needs lots of prayer, attention and effort put against it to live in a more healthy, positive way.

  10. self pity- some of my circumstances this year have been crap. some things i have dealt with health wise, friendship wise and within my family have been crap. and 'crap' is putting is nicely. however no circumstances allow for the amount of self pity i have poured upon myself this year. as one of my favourite movies says, i have allowed myself to swim around in my self pity until my fingers got all pruney. unnecessary and not beneficial. to help eleminate this from my life, i will look for the truth in every situation. not be governed by emotions, spend time helping others, and try to be encouraging in my surroundings- placing the focus off of me and onto something else.

  11. 10 pounds- since my knee injury at the begining on november, i have gained 10 pounds. i know, it is hard to belive. i was running between 8-10 miles a day. then i ran 65 miles in 2 days. then i completelty stopped running while similatneously increasing my food intake. good choice, i know. no exercise + serving dish size portions at every meal = 10 pounds in 6 weeks. i can begin to train slowly the first week in january and by the end of the month i have been cleared to run a 5k assuming there is no lingering pain. i am hoping to say adios to the 10 pounds by then. benefits? my clothes will fit again, i will be fit enough to run long distances, and i will generally feel better about myself. emotionally it will be a huge release to be able to run again; at the moment i feel like a piece of my heart is missing.

letting go of the unnecessary and making the right choice. here's to 2011 and a year of positive living.

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Hannah said...

Ktina, it sounds like you've done some good and hard work here. I can relate to a tough year. Maybe I should do this, too, if only for my own benefit. I salute you and I hope it has a good return.