12 December 2010

lagging behind....but not failing yet!

I have quite a few reverb-ing to do. i am behind by about 4 days. so i will try and do a few today and a few tomorrow. even though i have not been consistent to post everyday, i still really like the principle. i want to try and answer each question. with that said.....

December 9: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

I have a few:

Eleri's fake first birthday party in London. It was amazing! we had all her baby friends, all the rugby boys, friends from church, and rhys' family. a turn out of about 35-40 people is pretty good for a one year old. it was a bitterly cold day in late June. seriously, it was about 40F. despite the chill and breezy wind, we had a tent set up in the local park. a ball pit and a bubble machine for the little ones. a pinata full of sweets for the adults. we had sushi, sandwiches, 3 cakes, champagne, beer, wine, pop and more crisps than you could ever want. it was an awesome day. we came away feeling loved, appreciated and realised just what an amazing family unit little e had.

Oli's Birthday in London. random event really, but it was the frist time rhys and i had a baby sitter. ever. e was 7 months old and it was a much needed break. It was our friend Oli's birthday and he had arranged for a boat trip down the canal. 15 of our closest friends, loads of snacks and drinks and a beautiful sunny day. 2 hours on the boat, and then over to the pub for a big night out with the whole gang. we didnt make it back home until about 3am. it was reminiscent of nights out before little e and a wonderful time with our friends.

my leaving do with the baby mama's. awesome. Chinese food, reflex, dancing, drinks, laughs, and as mentioned before, the revolving dance floor. it was a night to rival all other nights with the girls. it was a perfect way to say good bye to watford and the moms.

all 3 were equal highlights of 2010.

December 10: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

leaving watford.

in my heart of hearts i know that leaving watford was the right decision. most of the time i wish we had not left. i miss the people, the lifestyle, the culture and i even miss our little flat. rhys and i spent a lot of time praying about what out next step would be and without a doubt we both felt it was time to move on. it has been one of the most difficult choices we have made not only in 2010, but in our entire marriage. it was the wisest choice for our family. it was the wisest choice financially. it was the wisest choice spiritually. any angle you look at it, it was the best decision. a hard one, but still the right one. I can see ways that the move has benefited us already as a couple and as individuals. and i can see ways the move has challenged us as a couple and as individuals. I am not sure what our last 4 months in the UK will hold, but i am interested to see what else will unfold as a result of the faithfulness to blindly leave behind our home, our friends and our 'family' to move into the unknown, trusting in the Lord. whatever the future holds, i know that the wisest choice made in 2010 was the decision to step out and leave behind watford.

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