8 December 2010

more fun with a revolving dance floor

Reverb 10: 7 December
Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

i met this group of girls on 5 June 2009. I remember that date specifically because i had pre-booked a train from London to Paris and then on to Normandy for the anniversary of D-Day (6 June). I wanted to go so badly. I then realised that we had our first ante-natal class the same time as we would have to leave for the celebrations. i said we should skip it. rhys said learning about the baby was more important that talking to war veterans. it was the right decision. meeting and subsequently getting to the know the six girls in my NCT class proved to be the most amazing community i could have asked for.

we have shared good and bad times together. having babies within a month of each and going through the exact same things at the exact same time has been invaluable. whilst our birth stories varied slightly, we all had similar views of baby raising. the instant support group that was created by random chance has since become a group of some of my closest friends. the six girls in the class have become an irreplaceable part of my life. never again will i experience birth and pregnancy for the first time. these girls experienced those major life milestones with me every step of the way. i experienced a deep, close knit bond of friendship and community unique to any other. i love these girls. i love the community we have.

we always have fun when we get together. be it with the babies

or without....

we not only share our babies with each other...

we share a love of chips...

and a love of all things crazy. (i.e. the quarter game which resulted in my posing with these policeman, wearing their hat.)

our community also involves dancing, 80's music, Reflex (revolving dance floor anyone?) laughing, coffee, baby facts and pretty much everything else. 2010 was a lot of things, good and bad, but i couldnt have asked for a more wonderful group of girls to spend it with. these girls are awesome!

the reverb prompt had two parts, but i am not sure about the second half. i am a bit fearful of 2011. we are making some MAJOR changes and i have not idea of predicting what will happen. or what kind of place we will be in. but i do hope that we can have a great community of people around us who will love and accept our little family for who we are. i hope that as well leave the amazing community of friends and support that we have here, we will be stepping into something just as great....simply on the other side of the world.

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