28 December 2010

pizza and a beer

Soul Food. What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?


ok, ok so beer is not a food necessarily, although Guinness has quite a few calories. but if i look back over the past year, the thing that "went into my mouth and touch my soul" the most was beer.

i only drink beer with friends. i am not really a 'house' drinker. so the times that i have enjoyed the most with my dear friends this year include a pint. party time with the baby mamas. reflex. denmark. hannah's wedding. oli's birthday trip. druids. the coach and horses. 6 nations. autumn internationals. cyprus. paris. all great 'soul touching' times. all had the common element of a pint. i have mentioned before the 'pub culture' that i love about europe and the beer falls into that. my community the past 4 years has met over a pint glass. good memories. i will never forget those times. ever.

i say beer also because i am not much on fancy food. i like food, but i pretty much like any food. my favourite is still chick-fil-a. my favourite in london is either a chip shop by my old flat or our usual chinese take away. see? pretty generic. but if i had to say something other than beer. i would say friday pizza night with rhys. every friday night in london we ordered domino's take away- a large pizza for each of us. we laughed, watched cheesy tv and ate to our hearts content. and believe me, those nights my heart was very content.

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